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Welcome to my place!

Personal Details:
Name: Samentha Beryl Jabini
Country: The Netherlands
Title: Business Coach/International Speaker/Influencer/ Entrepreneur
Email address:


What is my mission?
My mission is to reach 10 million people in the next 5 years to create not only awareness about the importance of personal success, but offer direct solutions to boost your physical appearance, confidence and health. I want to let the world see my results.

Why is appearance so important in business and life?
What motivated you to launch your business?The sense of more freedom, ability to grow and make your own choices instead of following a concept of someone else whose mission is their own success and not mine. I want to create my own success.

What does success mean to you?
Being able to do the things you like to make a positive difference in the world and have a good income of it all.
Name 3 business principles that is of core value to you?
Sharing knowledge
Continuous mental growth

How important is it to have a business coach & what significant role in change has your coach played in your business journey?
It makes an important difference to have a business coach since you can reflect, share experiences, ask advice and bounce ideas with someone who already walked that path and can support and guide you to make better decisions and therefore assure you that you are on the right path. And helping to network.

What are the 3 advice principals you give entrepreneurs that are wanting to start their own business?
Do your research
Get support
Keep educating yourself

How do you overcome rejection?
Rejection is part of life and business. It’s depends on different factors. A door closed now is not closed forever. Other opportunities will come, make sure you grab it! One door is closed while another one is opening.

What is your set of core values and business skills that have helped you in your career?
Creativity / Passion / Loyalty / Positivity / Open-mindedness / Courage

How do you stay motivated and what keeps you going?
I keep myself motivated by staying in the learning curve and keep meeting other entrepreneurs so you can share experiences.

What is your favorite quote and explain why? You have to believe in yourself so that God's plan can come to expression. He has made us in his image and likeness, so we have to be great inside and out.